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My New Book :

Book Synopsis :

One Dream, One Vision, One Calling!

I was seeking to have an authentic experience with God in order to know, that I know for sure, that I am saved and that He is real. At the time, I was seeking “answers” for some very specific questions and I considered one particular verse of Scripture as my main motivation and daily marching orders. And then, through a dream and a vision, God gave me the answers.

The Bible says that all things are made by Him and for Him, including you and me. We are born with a purpose, which is to know the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ. This has been His plan from the foundation of the world. In simple terms, the Bible is God’s story and plan for His Eternal Family. Therefore we can know that, “We” have been made for a time such as this !  

Discover the “Truth of God” and get into the “meat” of the message as authentic answers are revealed for many of “The Mysteries of God.” Learn about “the key” to your spiritual growth and how to know if there is something missing in your “Race of Faith.” This same “mystery key” also unlocks the door to understanding “Revelation” concerning the Last Days, and the specific knowledge needed for being an “Overcomer,” ready for the things that are coming …

“Learn the Truth” we have not been taught.

"God Authentic"

Luther Mark

"One Dream. One Vision, One Calling!"

This is My True Story and Testimony.

It's Two Books in One !
2 Parts - 22 Chapters and 622 Pages

Priced at only $27.99

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