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The Last "Open Day" for the Indoor Arena was on Saturday, July 1st 2017.

The Indoor Arena has officially "Closed" and is no longer open at the Lexington location.

At this time, there are "No Plans" to open another Field, either Indoor or Outdoor,
as we believe there are already enough other "Outdoor Fields" here in North Carolina.

As for the Closing of the Indoor Arena,  it was due to Storm Damage received during 2016.
We had "Wind Shears" during a Storm with wind speeds of more than 70 mph,
which "moved one of our walls ( 1 + 3/4 inches ) and which caused damage
to all 4 walls of our Main Building ... During the long process of figuring it all out and dealing with the Engineers, it was decided that we would pay off the mortgage from the Bank, and that no "repairs" were to be made to the building ... At that point, it was clear that we would be closing.
it was just a matter of time and the working out of details ...
"Many Thanks"  to all the Players through the years,
as we have both appreciated and enjoyed Our Time serving You !